Easily integrate Sleep Apnea management into your cardiology practice. No added staff or Sleep certification required – we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your workflow.

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Elad Anter, MD Boston

Sleep Apnea is an independent predictor of AF with a HR of 2.18. Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Apnea in our patients not only improves the outcome of ADF ablation, but it has important implications for their overall wellbeing. It reduces the risk for stroke, reduces blood pressure, and improve their vitality. At our institution, diagnosis and treatment of Sleep Apnea is integrated into the AF practice, and WatchPAT is like a home Holter monitor.

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Randy Lieberman, MD Detroit

Sleep Apnea is an independent modifiable cardiovascular risk factor. A simple test differentiates and risk stratifies “snoring” and is necessary to impact the CV mortality and morbidity of disturbed sleep breathing.

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Larry Chinitz, MD New York City

It is unequivocally clear that we are not effectively treating our patients with AF unless we screen them for Sleep Apnea. Itamar has helped us with our smooth integration in our laboratory, the patients are sent home with a monitoring device, it takes zero effort from the clinician.

Sleep Apnea Management Significantly Improves CVD Outcomes
  • Lowers incidence of cardiovascular mortality1
  • Substantially reduces Hypertension (inc drug-resistant)2
  • Reduces Afib recurrence3
  • Reduces cardiovascular readmissions4
  • Improves left ventricular ejection fraction percent in HF patients5
or more of all cardiology patients suffer from Sleep Apnea and don't even know it6
remain undiagnosed and untreated7
Sleep Apnea Multiplies CVD Risk8

We will work with you to set up a complete patient care pathway from diagnosis through therapy

Our fully customizable services include:

  • Coordination of care transitioning to the right diagnosis & therapy service providers
  • Process & IT solutions and training programs for physicians and staff
  • Clear visibility of patients’ status throughout the care cycle.

Full flexibility for physicians: Determine your preferred level of involvement in your patients' Sleep Apnea management process

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